A Pair of New Perspective

A Pair of New Perspective

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hacking the word Perfection


Why is such a word like perfect so sensitive to others. 

Some people say that god is the only one to be perfect

But, why can't we be .. perfect?

Why does it bother people when they hear the word perfect? 

Some people automatically assume that it means a person that does not make mistakes, does not bleed, think too highly of them-self and etc. 

That is not what I mean when I say perfect 

What if we hack perfection; not as a word but as a tool

A mental implement that can help us everyday to build confidence and a imaginary barrier that passes through all the negativity from people
So when an individual tells me that it is imponderable for me to achieve something in life 

I will ignore him and tell myself that 

I am perfect 

Not necessarily being better than him but strong enough to take his bullets without getting hurt just like superman does

Furthermore, confidence ..

Some people in this era lack confidence 

Sometimes I do as well 

We are .. Only human 

What if there is a way to change that 
With hacking the word perfection as a tool

I choose to empower myself with perfectionist in my own eyes to build the confidence to help me keep moving forward

I'm talking about being able to create an image of a fictional perfect person and taking it's place

To imagine myself as a superhero perfection in a comic book and I can do anything to save myself or the world 

Being perfect in my own eyes is to Have the ability to improve myself but not necessarily be the ideal perfect.

We all are human beings and yes; we make mistakes but why do we lack that potential need to express ourselves that we can never be perfect 

Perfection should be an individual to others 

 and not as a word on how we tend to describe the ideal perfection that we can never achieve !  

Perfection should be hacked as an implement

So next time someone tries to put you down 

Just tell yourself 

I am perfect !!