Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Theoretical Perspective on Unification

 On October 10, 2014, The Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY based in Lehman College presented a performance called Mexico Maya created by Javier Dzul. A Mexican modern dance that considers the Maya culture, Mexican heritage and the experience from undocumented Mexicans in the United States; the Dzul Dance. The performance was incredible and exquisite; it truly left me speechless.

  The event was relevant to me because the performance took me one step closer to my indigenous culture. Not only did I learn about the Maya dance but I felt the emotion that each performer was trying to express. I believe this is significant to the world because everyone can learn from a rich ancient history that is part of Mexico. Growing up in the Bronx around different cultures was a big impact in my life because that experience led me to hate my own origin of my ancestors without first being familiar with. I believe this experience affects an aspect of the world because there are probably others that went through the same experience as me and have not yet spoken about it. If we can just help spread culture within the community through academics, art, music and storytelling, then that exposure will help our documented brothers and sisters figure out that they belong to two cultures. The American culture; which is diverse and filled with other amazing cultures, and our origin culture that belongs, not only to our mothers and fathers but to us; as their children as well. With the acceptance of both cultures, that will be our first step to becoming one as humans and not categorized by colored.
 Unification through culture is Humanism. With a country so diverse, we should unite as one big culture. There is a prestigious philosopher called Jean-Paul Sartre, who believed in “Existentialism is a Humanism.” He said that “Existence Precedes Essence.” Meaning that an individual had the ability to decide their own future because destiny is in our own hands. This is one of my favorite quotes that lured me and affect me with a virus of love towards philosophy. The reason I share this quote with you is the same purpose I created this theory that I called “Unification is a Humanism” in dedication to Jean-Paul Sartre. This is my theory that I am personally working on; it’s not yet done because the theory requires a surfeit of research. However, I believe we all have a moral responsibility to come together.